Winery FAQs2022-05-19T17:59:16+00:00

Winery FAQs

Is the tasting room open?2022-05-27T17:56:24+00:00

Our covered, outdoor tasting room is open. Seating is available on our Adult and Family-Friendly lawns.
Table reservations are recommended every day, but not required.
Private event packages, and group reservations are available for groups of 12 or more.

Can I use Old Farm Winery at Hartland property as I would a park?2022-05-27T18:09:29+00:00

While we like to think our views rival those of any public park, we are a privately-owned farm winery. We ask that if you choose to enjoy our property, facilities, and staff that come along with it, you support us with the purchase of our Virginia grown wine.

Can I bring my pet to the winery?2022-05-27T18:10:59+00:00

Animals are not allowed at Old Farm Winery at Hartland for the general comfort of our patrons. This includes dogs, cats, birds, iguanas, etc. Service animals are always welcome with proper identification.

Do you offer wine tastings?2022-05-27T18:17:45+00:00

Yes. We offer wine tastings, private group wine tastings and self guided tastings.

Are children allowed at the winery?2022-05-27T18:12:53+00:00

Children are welcome; however, they must be supervised by an adult at all times. The family friendly area will be marked clearly for your convenience.

Are large groups allowed at the winery?2022-05-27T18:19:13+00:00

Absolutely. We have group reservation options, private event and wedding packages available.
Visit our Private Events Page for more details. 

Do you offer any discounts at the winery?2022-05-27T18:19:49+00:00

Yes, we offer discounts for military, industry, and our wine club members.

Can I smoke at the winery?2022-05-27T18:20:23+00:00

Yes, designated smoking areas along the fence line are clearly marked. Our staff is happy to point them out if you have trouble locating it.

Can I bring a tent, furniture, or picnic basket?2022-05-27T18:20:58+00:00

Any type of tent or furniture (i.e., chairs) other than our own are not allowed. Picnic blankets are allowed.
If someone in your party needs a chair with a back, one will be provided.

Can I get a refund to a ticket I purchased for a public event?2022-05-27T18:28:05+00:00

Public event ticket sales (e.g. Sipping and Painting, movie nights, Wine Tours, etc.) are non-refundable. If you would like to give your ticket to a friend, please email us at [email protected] to change the name on the ticket for check-in.

Is Old Farm Winery at Hartland wheelchair accessible?2022-05-27T18:28:01+00:00

The winery is equipped with handicap parking, wheelchair accessible ramps and accessible bathrooms. As a farm winery, most of our seating is located on our lawn. We will do our best to accommodate any special needs. If you have any concerns, please reach out to [email protected] or call us at 571-899-4380.

I am planning a visit to the winery from out of town, do you have any hotel recommendations?2021-11-19T19:58:56+00:00

Yes, we have relationships with three hotels nearby: Embassy Suites Dulles Airport, Courtyard Dulles Town Center, and La Quinta by Wyndham.

Do you have food trucks on site?2022-05-27T19:08:39+00:00

We have food trucks available during special events and holidays.
Check out our calendar to see the most up to date information.

Outside beverages policy2022-05-27T19:09:37+00:00

We do not allow any outside beverages of any kind unless approved ahead of time. You may leave your beverages in your vehicle. All bags brought onto the property are subject to search. Wine, bottled water, juice, and a variety of sodas are available for purchase at sales locations.

Outside food policy2022-05-27T19:11:04+00:00

Unless purchased from the winery, food trucks on site, or an approved caterer, outside food is NOT allowed. We will have a variety of food available for purchase at the tasting bar and onsite food trucks.

Photography permits2022-05-27T19:11:39+00:00

Please email [email protected] to inquire about photography permits.

Can I have photos taken at the winery?2022-05-27T19:13:06+00:00

Please email [email protected] to inquire about photography at the winery. We do not allow prom or homecoming photos to be taken on the property.

General photography guidelines2022-05-26T15:24:06+00:00

Please adhere to the following guidelines to make your photography session successful and enjoyable.

Flow of visitors and traffic along driveways and pathways must not be blocked at any time.

Pets (with the exception of service animals) and outside beverages are not allowed.

Please be mindful that wedding ceremonies and other events may be taking place in close proximity to the allowed photography locations. If members of a photography party are boisterous or unruly, they will be asked to leave and the photography and admission fees will not be refunded.

Please do not move, alter, or draw on any structures or anywhere on the property.

Please take all props or materials with you and leave OFW as you found it. Glitter and fake snow are prohibited.

The use of drones is strictly prohibited.

Please check in with the manager on duty in the Tasting Room upon arrival to obtain the official photographer credentials:

Lanyard with photographer name, date, and session time

Lanyard must be clearly displayed at all times.

Lanyard must be returned when session is completed.

OFW does not provide staff to assist with or monitor photography sessions.

Wedding photographers working with a bridal couple who have purchased rental time at OFW are exempt from purchasing a permit as long as their work is limited to wedding activities for that couple. Wedding photographers must schedule a shoot time no later than 72 hours in advance if the shoot is not scheduled for the couple’s rental time.

OFW reserves the right to deny access to sections of the winery and property due to booked events.

Rescheduling must be agreed upon by OFW prior to the new shoot date. There are no refunds. In case of inclement weather, call 703-815-2233 to reschedule.

Photography policies are subject to change without notice.

Definition of portrait photography2021-11-19T20:03:32+00:00

OFW defines portrait photography as all wedding, engagement, quinceañera, family, maternity, portfolio, graduation, and any other posed portraiture of individuals by professional photographers or amateur photographers, whether paid or unpaid. OFW reserves the right to further define Portrait Photography on a case-by-case basis.

Guest photography policies2021-11-19T20:03:15+00:00

Guests are welcome to take snapshot photographs of the winery, individuals, and subjects that capture the events of your visit. OFW defines a snapshot as an informal photograph that is shot spontaneously and quickly without artistic intent. Guests should still observe our policies under General Photography Guidelines. You may share your photos of OFW on social media outlets, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Please note that Prom photos are not allowed at any time.

Photography permit agreement & policy2021-11-19T20:02:59+00:00

We are delighted that you are considering Old Farm Winery at Hartland as the location for your photos. The guidelines outlined below are intended for all guests, but a permit is necessary for those who wish to use the winery as a backdrop for posed or directed photography. We ask all photographers to please help us to maintain the enjoyment of the winery by honoring these policies.

Please note that Prom photos are not allowed at any time.

Is music allowed?2021-11-19T20:01:30+00:00

Speakers, amplified music, or live music are not allowed in outdoor spaces.

Can I decorate the space?2021-11-19T20:01:11+00:00

Decorations are allowed in our group reservation spaces with the exception of balloons, confetti, glitter, open flames (candles) and other items that may be harmful to the environment.

What are the expectations for cleanup?2021-11-19T20:01:19+00:00

We ask that all spaces be returned to the state in which they were found.

All decorations must be removed from the space and garbage must be placed in the provided trash cans. Additional trash bags are available upon request. 

Wine bottles and glasses may be left behind for recycling. 

*Clean up fee applies if space is not clean or if garbage is left behind.

Can I arrive early for set up?2021-11-19T20:00:30+00:00

We do not allow early arrivals for set up. 

Please take set up times into consideration prior to inviting your guests.

Can I bring my own food?2021-11-19T20:00:16+00:00

We do not allow outside food on the winery premises, we will have several food trucks available to guests as well as a variety of food options for sale at our tasting bar. 

We do not allow drop off or deliveries from a restaurant or caterer with Do-it-Yourself style group reservations except for Amphora Catering.

Can I bring my own beverages?2021-11-19T20:00:03+00:00

We do not allow outside beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic).

When is Last Call?2021-11-19T19:58:56+00:00

You may purchase glasses of wine, bottles for on-site consumption, and food up to 30 minutes before closing time. Bottles-to-go may be purchased up until closing time.

Is offsite food allowed?2021-11-19T19:59:02+00:00

No, outside food of any kind is prohibited on winery premises.

Are candles/open flames allowed?2021-11-19T19:58:56+00:00

No, due to county fire regulations we do not allow these.

Can the winery accommodate busses and limos?2021-11-19T19:58:56+00:00

We can accommodate groups arriving by bus or limo with a reservation prior to 3:00 PM Wednesday through Sunday except for weddings, private events and group reservations. Reservations are recommended for everyone and required for groups of 13 or more. Please read our policies on large groups above. Buses and limos are required to park in the designated bus parking area at the far end of the parking lot. On weekends, a parking attendant or security team member will instruct the bus or limo driver as to where to park.

Can I bring a speaker for listening to music?2021-11-19T19:58:56+00:00

No, any type of amplified music is prohibited.


Pre-order a gourmet picnic prepared by our Catering partner to be ready and waiting for you at the winery when you visit us.

Menu Coming Soon, or Contact Us Directly. 

Preorder Monday–Friday, 8 AM–6 PM by emailing [email protected] to place your order. Place your order with at least 24 hours in advance of your visit (48 hours for a Sunday visit), and it will be available for pickup upon your arrival, hassle free!

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