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Enjoy a sneak-preview of our upcoming wine offerings below.
We will continue to add more information here in the coming weeks. 

2020 Tally-Ho, White Wine

We at Old Farm Winery have poured our heart and soul into the preservation and renovation of this very special property. As we create a wine-lover’s experience that is both fresh and redolent of the old farm’s rich heritage, what better way to celebrate than with the release of our signature Tally-Ho Virginia White Wine? This wine’s name pays tribute to the land’s fox hunting legacy: the fox is spotted, the call is made, and the hunt is on! When you capture a taste of our 2020 Tally-Ho, you’ll discover flavors of stone fruits and guava nectar over a crisp acidity that is balanced by 1.5% residual sugar. Tally-Ho is crafted from a blend of 60% Vidal blanc, 28% Traminette, and 12% Seyval blanc grapes, and is a bright accompaniment for full-flavored foods.

2020 Rosé

Feeling the fall chill? Come raise a glass with us to carefree days past and future! Old Farm Winery’s 2020 Rosé treats your palate to notes of watermelon, strawberries and cream, evoking the final act of a classic sunny picnic. Its blend of 75% Chambourcin, 12.5% Petit Verdot and 12.5% Cabernet Sauvignon offers a crisp, light acidity that makes it perfect for sipping on a sunny porch with cheese and charcuterie. Or grab a bottle for a refreshing companion to seared tuna steaks, rare lamb, light pasta or veggie skewers on the grill.

2020 Chardonnay

Love Chardonnay? Love to travel? Allow us to introduce you to a wine whose easygoing personality straddles two continents. We’re calling our 2020 Chardonnay atypical. Why? Because we’ve borrowed the European practice of aging (50%) in steel, in addition to oak barrels. This results in minimal butter and oak in your glass, less than traditional American Chardonnays. It is a graceful companion to mild cheeses, simply seasoned poultry, pork and seafood, and sweeter vegetables like corn, squash or sweet potatoes. With balanced acidity, warm-woody notes, crisp green apple, bread crust, and cinnamon on the finish, we predict Old Farm Winery’s 2020 Chardonnay will become your everyday go-to.

2020 Cabernet Franc

The time is ripe to give yourself over to the savory, smoky charms of Old Farm Winery’s 2020 Cabernet Franc. Close your eyes and let your palate tell the tale: there’s spice, dark fruits, rich black and red peppers, caramel and vanilla. Bold tannins on the mid palate and a medium to long finish round out a full-bodied experience. Made with 100% Cab Franc grapes, it’s a meat lover’s dream that plays just as well with roasted veggies, cheeses, or an earthy risotto.

2018 Meritage

If you have been looking for a vintage that’s deliciously ready to enjoy right now and will just keep getting better with age, you’ll want to pick up several bottles of our latest release! Old Farm Winery’s 2018 Meritage is a Bordeaux-style red that will elevate your next casual dinner with friends. It is a light to medium bodied blend of 49% Cabernet Sauvignon, 21% Petit Verdot, 16% Merlot, and 14% Cabernet Franc that greets the palate with warm aromas of cherry, plum, and rutabaga. Serve it alongside highly flavored foods like grilled or roasted red meat, mushrooms, and cheesy pasta.

Petit Verdot

Don’t let the name fool you. Petit Verdot, or “little green one,” is a flavor giant! It is typically found in blends, including our own Old Farm Winery Rosé and Meritage, where it plays a small but essential supporting role. But here is a revelation: Taste our single-varietal Petit Verdot, and you’ll gain an instant appreciation not only for what it adds to these red blends, but also for how this medium bodied, vibrant-hued beauty stands on its own. Tune into flavors of blackberry, bing cherry, bramble fruit, plum, and rhubarb, floral notes like eucalyptus, hints of oak and smokiness, and warm vanilla and cooking spice on the backend. Our Petit Verdot pairs well with cherry-glazed duck breast and lamb lollipops.

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