The past comes alive at Old Farm

Join us on a journey of preservation, celebration, and great taste, as we prepare to welcome you to Old Farm Winery at Hartland.

Not too long ago, the Washington, DC suburbs of NoVa were mostly farmland. But anyone who has lived in the area for a few years has seen the green spaces continue to give way to urban development. With this Fall’s launch of Old Farm Winery at Hartland, we’re keeping the magic of this beautiful and historic countryside alive, and we can’t wait to share it with you.

We are turning old Virginia farmland back into a working farm by planting new vineyards on-site  and inviting lovers of wine and NoVa’s natural beauty to come out and enjoy an authentic farm winery experience and unforgettable events and celebrations.

Jon Hickox, owner of Old Farm Winery at Hartland, remembers the deep connection he made to this land when he worked on a nearby farm in Aldie, VA in his youth. “It’s such a majestic setting for an old Virginia farm. I remember this place 40 years ago when the road was literally dirt and gravel,” he says. “The place always had kind of an aura to it, a distinct beauty that draws you to it. Even with today’s modern paved roadways and new development, in many ways it hasn’t changed at all.” Now, Jon has returned to restore and honor the farmland he remembers, an oasis of green a stone’s throw from the local communities of Hartland, Willowsford, Brambleton, and Ashburn.

As this Fall’s opening day approaches, we are realizing Jon’s vision of a farm winery in Loudoun County, a peaceful place to celebrate the history of this farmland, and to make every winery visit a special occasion.

Jon Hickox was especially drawn in his youth to the enchanting 19th century farmhouse that crowns the hill of our 35-acre property. The house is now being exquisitely renovated for our guests to explore and host events. The farm’s old bank barn was built around the same time as the house, and will be refurbished to match the original 19th century hand-hewn timbers. These remnants of old Virginia farm life have withstood the seasons and centuries, lending their history and rustic beauty to the old-world feel of Old Farm Winery at Hartland.

The farm itself, however, offers much older tales to the visitor who joins us on one of our guided walking tours.

This Aldie, VA farmland dates back to the 1700s (hence the name “Old Farm”). The land was previously owned by “Master of the Hunt” Randy Rouse, a well-known figure across Virginia and passionate horseman and fox hunting sportsman, who passed away in 2017. One of our new wines, created for Old Farm Winery by award-winning winemaker Ashton Lough, bears the name Tally-Ho! In tribute to the land’s fox hunting legacy, the term “Tally-Ho” is the call made when a fox is spotted and the hunt is on!

Before Randy Rouse acquired the land, it was farmed by generations of the Lee family, who most likely produced crops of corn, wheat, and small grains. The family cemetery, located next door, has markers going back to the 1700s.

This Fall, a farm winery experience steeped in history and wrapped in refinement opens a new chapter for this old farm. We look forward to helping you discover something new — and more reasons to return — with every visit.