An Update from Vineyard Manger, Wayne Mills

August 2021

  • All vineyards are looking very healthy.
  • No varaison yet (color turn of the fruit)
  • Possibility of an early harvest due to extended hot and dry weather
  • No sign of water stress in any of the vineyards
  • Very high quality and quantity of fruit throughout all vineyards
  • In 2020, harvested ~ 6 tons of Norton, 2021 will harvest 12-15 tons
  • Fair Viognier crop this year
  • Fruit is hanging heavy in all vineyards
  • Petit Verdot is an overachiever this year, likely harvest in mid-October
  • Chambourcin will harvest 10-15 tons
  • Chardonnay is the spoiled child coming in around 6 tons, usually harvest 8-9 tons
  • Thinning excess foliage throughout the vineyards to increase air circulation and sun exposure while also cutting down on disease pressure